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To obtain your crop certification:

Producers must meet certain requirements regarding:

1. Monitoring and control of processes.
2. Registration and documentation.

To achieve this, we can offer you the following resources:

24/7 commitment from our advisors

Field Technicians Visit

Software to facilitate processes

Physical and digital tools to support management

Required Certifications

Each standard specializes in different matters, helping to position products according to the market segment.
Fair Trade:

It is a certification that seeks that all the products selled as fairtrade allows the farmers to invest in their quality of life and take grater control of their future.

Global GAP:

It is a standard that seeks to guarantee that farms that have it carry out Good Agricultural Practices


It is a systematic preventive process to guarantee food safety, logically and objectively.

Rain Forest:

It is a standard that seeks the intersection of business, agriculture and forests to make responsible business the new standard. This standard seeks to care for forests, improve the livelihoods of farmers and forest communities, promote their human rights and help them mitigate and adapt to the climate crisis.


it is the most radical law approved by the United States of its kind. The FDA is shifting the approach to food safety from a system that responds to outbreaks to one that seeks to prevent them. If you produce or export food for human or animal consumption aimed at the US market, you will need to follow certain guidelines that ensure compliance with this new law. I don't know


The acronym GRASP stands for Risk Assessment GLOBALG.A.P. for Social Practices, and is a voluntary and ready-to-use module developed to assess social practices on the farm, addressing specific issues related to the health, safety and well-being of workers.


It is the control process that guarantees the Organic Quality of a product, verifying compliance with the corresponding Organic Production Standard, according to the target market for said product. For those who sell, it is a market tool.


It is a cooperation program between the private sector and national and foreign organizations, created to promote secure international trade.

To achieve the aforementioned certifications, producers must define approximately 50 procedures and carry out controls on the different tasks carried out on crops.

We have a team of inspectors and agricultural engineers who allow us to monitor the processes in the crops online and make early alerts to facilitate the obtaining and maintenance of the obtained certifications.

To facilitate the process, we have developed a methodology that facilitates receiving the audit visit and software that allows us to control that the activities required to obtain and maintain the certifications are carried out.